Ear Jackets & Climbers>>Earrings>>Jewelry & Accessories>>Ear Jackets>>Responsible Dryad Leaf Ear Jackets ( Green Prehnite Gemstones. Antique Sterling Silver Ear Jacket Earrings. Leaf Print. Nature Jewelry ) #17 Quality And Quantity Assured

Responsible Dryad Leaf Ear Jackets ( Green Prehnite Gemstones. Antique Sterling Silver Ear Jacket Earrings. Leaf Print. Nature Jewelry ) #17 Quality And Quantity Assured

Products Name:Dryad Leaf Ear Jackets ( green prehnite gemstones. antique sterling silver ear jacket earrings. leaf print. nature jewelry ) #17
Categoris name:Jewelry/Earrings/Ear Jackets & Climbers/Ear Jackets

These earrings are designed as ear jackets, which feature a simply set prehnite gemstone stud with a double-layered leaf print attachment patterned from a real leaf meant to be worn behind the earlobe.

When you wear these, you will feel as though you have become part tree and are beginning to sprout leaves!

What I love most about these earrings, and really any piece that incorporates this leaf print, is how individual each impression is. Since I use real leaves for my impressions, the veining changes over the surface. You can see where little bugs had nibbled parts of the leaves and left holes. Removing the oxidization to reveal the pattern is perhaps my favorite aspect of the creation of the Mossflower pieces.

They have been oxidized and hand polished for an organic look, and to bring out the lowlights of the silver.

☀ This is part of the Mossflower Collection, which features soft green prehnite gemstones, real leaf print, sterling silver pebbles, and swaths of chain for movement. See the Mossflower Collection section for more one of a kind pieces!


♥ Made in my work studio using time-consuming, age-old metalsmithing techniques. This piece is made with solid craftsmanship and all parts of this piece have been hand-fabricated.

♥ All of the pieces in my collections are handmade and hand-finished, and make use of natural and recycledmaterials. All items will have slight, natural imperfections rendering each piece unique. It is these variations and imperfections which denote their handcrafted nature and individual character, specially made for every wearer.

♥ To create my antiqued pieces, the sterling silver is oxidize until dark gray. Oxidation is a process that happens over time naturally to sterling silver. Then the piece is brushed and polished until the highlights are lighter and the lowlights are darkened. But this oxidization is not permanent, and will fade in the areas that rub, and stay dark in the recesses. The patina will change over time, making your piece unique to you, and growing more beautiful with wear.

♥ Each item comes suitable for gift giving.

♥ Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and special offers: @moonspinner

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5 out of 5 stars

These have been on my wish list since last year and they were worth the wait!Took my breath away when I opened the package.The stones positively glow and the leaves hang perfectly and are substantial but light.Put them on immediately of course!